May Yoga Classes

Ustrasana (camel pose) is a great counterpose for those who work at a computer all day, carry children around, spend hours hunched over in the garden, or are just feeling low energy. It stretches the entire front of the body, the ankles, thighs, groins, abdomen, chest, throat and deep hip flexors (psoas). It strengthens the back muscles and improves posture while stimulating the organs in the abdomen and neck.

Come practice with me this month, both restorative and energizing asanas.

Let’s find our balance, our sattva, the luminosity that comes with clarity of mind.

Monday evenings at Green Room Yoga:

The session starts Monday May 2nd- June 26st (no class Victoria Day May 23rd)

2645 East Hastings Street

These classes are both energizing and calming. I incorporating alignment principles from my studies of Iyengar Yoga into sun salutations, flowing sequences of standing poses, core strengthening, seated and reclining poses. As the students progress, I introduce the challenge and playfulness of arm balances and inversions. At Green Room Yoga the small class size and progressive nature of a pre-registered class allows for a safe and supportive environment for deepening ones practice.

5:45-7:15pm Hatha

*suitable for students newer to yoga, and those looking to refine their understanding of the poses

7:30-9:00pm Energized Flow

*This class in geared towards yoga students with some experience who would like to work on their strength, flexibility and alignment.

These are pre-register classes with some room for drop-ins. You can sign up for 5 or 8 classes in a session. If you are interested in attending contact
Phone: 604-318-4066

East Side Yoga:

1707 Grant Street just off Commercial Drive

Thursday’s from 6-7pm: Hatha Yoga (there will be a sub in on May 26th)

Sunday’s at Flow Yoga:

202 Burrard Street

12:15-1:30pm Foundation Flow….send your mom’s, your boyfriends, and anyone else curious but new. Come for the yoga…enjoy the sauna, showers, tea lounge and other great facilities.

Published by Meghan Goodman

Iyengar Yoga and Pilates mat Instructor, Professional Contemporary and Aerial Dance Artist working in Vancouver, BC

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