COPY : July 18th-20th at the Roundhouse

Copy is a multi-disciplinary and participatory installation that explores duplication, mimicry, and degeneration. The piece reorganizes traditional expectations of theatre and lobby spaces, proposes a co-creation between both performers and viewers, and addresses the excessive duplication that is integral to the nature of our digital culture. Rather than a succession of predetermined imagery and movements,Continue reading “COPY : July 18th-20th at the Roundhouse”

Body Narratives Collective Performs “Tracing Traces”

Tracing Traces is a collaboration between the Body Narratives Collective (dance artists Siobhan Sloane- Seale, Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr) and painter, engineer, and photographer Even Oldridge.  This work is an investigation into storytelling, dance and photography. We will share stories that have helped us to grow, learning from our fears, confusions, and inhibitions in theContinue reading “Body Narratives Collective Performs “Tracing Traces””

Upcoming Free Aeriosa Dance Performances, March 2010

In Situ Performance Times: 10pm – Wednesday, March 17th 10pm – Thursday, March 18th 8 pm – Friday, March 19th 8pm – Saturday, March 20th In Situ is inspired by physical expression, engagement with the environment and societal contrasts – themes that permeate Vancouver’s cultural landscape and shape urban life on the West Coast. In Situ takes placeContinue reading “Upcoming Free Aeriosa Dance Performances, March 2010”