Body Narratives Collective Performs “Tracing Traces”

photo by Even Oldridge

Tracing Traces is a collaboration between the Body Narratives Collective (dance artists Siobhan Sloane- Seale, Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr) and painter, engineer, and photographer Even Oldridge.  This work is an investigation into storytelling, dance and photography.

We will share stories that have helped us to grow, learning from our fears, confusions, and inhibitions in the hopes that this information will inspire other people along their journey through the unpredictability of life.  We feel that it is important to illuminate stories that might be emotionally difficult to hear, but to balance this with humor, wit, and stories that provide levity in our day-to-day lives.

The other meaning of Tracing Traces is quite literal.  In performance we set up a still camera in a darkened room and open the shutter for approximately one minute.  The performer and/or light sources dance in front of the camera as a story is revealed, contrasting movement with stillness.  We will be using hand-held light sources to expose the dancer(s) and/or props in space, creating striking, luminescent light paintings.  The images created in the moment will support our selected stories.  These photographs will be projected for the audience to view, adding a visual layer to the movement and text.

Tracing Traces will be presented as part of the BC Buds Spring Arts Fair:

Friday May 21st and Saturday May 22nd from 8:40-9:00pm, in the Firehall studio, second floor.

Admission is free.

The festival is on all weekend, check out for more info.

Tracing Traces will also be presented at the “In The House Festival” 9pm on Saturday June 5th. for tickets and more info.

The Body Narratives Collective would like to thank Mascall Dance and EDAM for their support.

Published by Meghan Goodman

Iyengar Yoga and Pilates mat Instructor, Professional Contemporary and Aerial Dance Artist working in Vancouver, BC

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