Spring is coming…

With the first snowdrops coming up in the garden, spring is not far off. This is a great time to be practicing yoga to fend off those last winter colds, and prepare the body’s immune system for spring allergies.

I’ve found boosting up on vitamin C, nettle tea, and triphala to be helpful a few weeks before the cherry blossoms open. Triphala is a popular Indian herb combination, it is a mild detox for your colon and digestive system, and can help eliminate the build up makes allergy symptoms worse. Also, using a neti pot to keep the nasal passage clear and avoiding dairy is helpful.

And of course, rest is always helpful. For some tips on using a sandbag both in restorative yoga poses, and more active ones, check out this article I worked on for Halfmoon Yoga. http://www.halfmoon.bz/blog/?p=299


This spring I am offering a workshop for women at East Side Yoga

April 7th, 3-5pm

Special Practice for Women

Come learn how to adjust your yoga practice to be safe and healthy during your menstrual cycle. Together we will experience a complete sequence which you can use for home practice, and learn modifications you can use in a class setting. Knowing which asanas to practice, which to avoid, and how to make adaptations can make all the difference in soothing the physical discomforts and emotional rough edges that occur during your cycle. Restore and re-energize through this quiet, steady work.

Cost is $25 and you can pre-register here:

And I’ll be teaching my weekly yoga classes:

Monday evenings at Green Room Yoga:

The session runs Monday March 5th- April 29th

2645 East Hastings Street

At Green Room Yoga the small class size and progressive nature of a pre-registered class allows for a safe and supportive environment for deepening ones practice.

5:45-7:15pm Iyengar Level 1

Iyengar yoga is a systematic method of Hatha Yoga named after B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, India, who is one of the foremost yoga masters in the world. The Iyengar method works on the principle of meditation in action. Practitioners concentrate closely on the movements in the yoga postures (asanas), bringing the body into balance by increasing mobility, stability, strength and alignment. At the same time, this intense concentration draws the attention inward, quieting and integrating mind and body. The hallmark of the Iyengar approach is the ability to adapt the poses to the needs and challenges of the individual student, making it appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

7:30-9:00pm Hatha Flow

This class in geared towards yoga students with some experience who would like to work on their strength, flexibility, inversions and alignment.

These are pre-register classes with some room for drop-ins.

If you are interested in attending contact alix@greenroomyoga.ca
Phone: 604-318-4066



East Side Yoga:

1707 Grant Street just off Commercial Drive

Thursday’s from 6-7pm: Hatha Yoga



Sunday’s at Flow Yoga:

202 Burrard Street

9:30-11:00am Hatha (optional meditation from 11-11:30am)


12:15-1:30pm Foundation Flow….send your mom’s, your boyfriends, and anyone else curious but new.

Come for the yoga…enjoy the sauna, showers, tea lounge and other great facilities.


Published by Meghan Goodman

Iyengar Yoga and Pilates mat Instructor, Professional Contemporary and Aerial Dance Artist working in Vancouver, BC

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